Rainbow Emotions


I’ve painted molten red words down teary cheeks
Screaming poison green laced between each stroke.
My hate beating down in smooth tears of crimson acrylic
Pools of bloody liquid reeking of paint and tears.

I’ve made orange watercolors on my front porch
Laughing out shiny droplets of joy into the blue sky.
My happiness leaking out of my every joint and muscle
Grinning orange sunbeams run down my porch in streams.

I’ve rubbed yellow terror on my stomach letting it seep in
Dread chokes me with a noose in its dark violet grip.
My fears clutching close to my chest, pricking out my eyes
Frozen screams are left in the hollows of my footsteps.

I’ve lazily dabbled my hand in a bucket of green
Finger-painting calm seas and caterpillars with scarlet strips.
My tranquility sighing next to me in a field of grass and dreams
The wind stirs and leaves rain a jade orchestra at my feet.

I’ve traced out blue tears on my broken face with a paintbrush
The orange, cruel sun beats down on my face drying out my muffled cries.
My sadness is dripping between the cracks of my fingers on my face
A sapphire sob into the day, into the night and the moon, rattles on the windows.

I’ve caressed upon my lover’s face a mask of studded purple sighs
Smearing the paint of lavender musk over their hidden ruby heart.
My love is embracing them in its satin arms, their hair tickles my fingertips
Swelling, crushing, wonderful love escapes from lips.

Life is a rainbow of emotions.

Copyright 2005 - 2006 Taryn Burt -- Banner Base is by