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Here's what my clients are saying!

"I love Jay French! when i need him i say "do your JFM"...your Jay French Magic,,,and he does! so talented and so customer friendly,,,even with all my changes he never changed his wonderful attitude,,,But of course its his phenomenal artistry that i love the most...who illustrates like that anymore? And the way he takes his time until all of us are happy with the results,,,,what can i say,,,,i love him!!!"
Doreen Eisdorfer; - EE for Life

"I was in search for a Graphic Designer, and I found Jay. I needed specific size requirements for the art, but left the design totally up to Jay and his imagination. I received my sketch in days... Amazing was all I could say. It was what I imagined without seeing it first hand and the final drawing was perfect. His communication is first rate, you always know what is going on, if you have questions or changes he is quick to fix and accommodate. Jay will be doing all my designs going forward."
Joe Kace; - Laseriffic

"I have been a business client of Jay French since 2002. Jay has produced exceptional results in his art work and related services. I have utilized him in the automotive indudstry, franchise sales, Curves, Super Suppers and health care. He is currently working with me in All Care Home Health and www.autoprotectionpro.com. I strongly recommend Jay to anyone that I know that is in need of creative material. His prices are reasonable and his delivery time is prompt. We have used Jay for national ads with some of the companies and projects."
Mike Hanner; - Roger Beasley Mazda, Curves Fitness, Super Suppers, List For Kids, All Care Home Health, Southwest Dealer Services, Pet Butler, Kids U, HelpMeSellit.com, Fix Rim & Auto Protective Pro

"I cannot say enough about Jay's ability. Setting aside the raw natural talent he has brought something extremely valuable to the table in the years that he has produced artistic work for our publications.... He has the ability to envision what we want from our description. He is very easy to direct and work with! He far exceeded our expectations on each and every project that we have worked on."
Verron Federation; - Adlanta, Inc.

"Perfect! Send me an invoice. For someone who never is sure, you are getting better and better at guessing every time!"

Wes Brown; - SQL Server Input/Output

"Jay if you were in my presence, I would kiss you. It's perfect. It needs nothing more. I love it. I LOVE IT! Send me your invoice.... I'm COMPLETELY satisfied!"

Miss Porsha; - a.k.a. MzSkribble; Poetess

"Outstanding! Thanks for making the tweaks so fast!"
Alex Stemle; - Little Truck Land & Limb

"I'm highly impressed with the work. MANY, MANY thanks... I'm really glad I found you on CraigsList. It was a real challenge to find a good artist. You, my friend, are tops!"
Dave Williams; - Private Client

"YOU ROCK!!!! (the client) LOVES IT!!!!!!!!"
Jennifer Downing; - Shirtworks

"Jay - Fabulous job!! Thanks for putting up with us. I can't wait for him to see (the caricature). Thanks a million!"
Tracy Holtslag; - IRS Dallas office

"I am very happy with (the display board)! Thanks for all your work"
Tiffany Young; - Super Suppers franchise owner

"We are so overly impressed with the portrait. My boyfriend was so ecstatic about the gift, but he truly couldn't get over your detail and how much the drawing looked like his dog! We sat (individually and together) staring at it all night---I couldn't wait to give it to him once I had it!!!! He hasn't stopped talking about it!! Thanks so much for a fabulous job--it couldn't have been more of what I had in my head!"
Mindy Mendenhall; (Private Pet Portrait Client)

Shannon Shaffer; - Aloha Pet & Home Care

"I LOVE the logo and so does everyone else!"
Helen Yee; - Barky Bistro

"...thanks so much for taking on this project -- we really picked the right person for the job!! YOU ARE FABULOUS!!!"
Diana Dworin; (Private Caricature Client)

"Jay!! We LOVE it!!! Super job! ...Thanks so much.."
-Judy Magnuson; -Jerry Lawyer & Associates

"(My mom) really loved it! Thank you again for all of your work"
-Debbie Lance; (Faerie Portrait Private Client)

"...all (the work) looks great...and WOW you have been wonderful to work with."
-The Woods; (Wedding Program Private Clients)

"Jay, everything is awesome! ...I really love the way you color everything!!"
-Gina Fant-Saez; -Blue World Music

"Just wanted to thank you for your tutorials... They have been extremely helpful... you did an outstanding job on the videos"
-B. Roberts

"I've seen you on YouTube and I have to say that I'm a big fan of your 'How To Draw' tutorials"
-A. Muja; Germany

"I think you're an awesome artist! ...I've been occupying myself the last 3 days trying to imitate your vid's on YouTube, so thx for those too... P.S. Will you marry me?"
-Tijger P.

Ben E. Rat, RockStar

Just for fun, here's some of the Austin Chronicle review on my first self-publication, "Steel Rain" (issue #1: "The Myriad"):

"...above-average stuff that works better than you'd think if given half a chance...French has a way with dialogue and action panels that echoes after the book is set down. ...I'm eagerly awaiting ish number two to see what the hell happens next"!

-Marc Savlov (From the September 18, 2000 issue of the Austin Chronicle)

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