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Logo/Design Rates

Freelance art contracts are generally estimated on a $40/hr basis for illustration and $20/hr basis for graphic design (What's The Difference?). Below, I've broken down some of the more common commissions I get. None of these rates are steadfast, but are general guidelines.
Some additional fees may apply such as supplies, travel, copyrights, short deadlines, etc.
Want to know how the process works? Click here: How Does This Work?
Of course, the best way to get a precise estimate, is to call or email me.

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Contract Caricatures:

This is a "single-shot" caricature, with an average turn-over rate of 3 to 7 working days.
These are produced from photos and can be done completely over the internet or through the mail. 

Pen and Ink$35 ea.$40 ea.+$40*
Full Color$50 ea.$60 ea.+$60*
*Background rates can vary depending on complexity.

Caricatures can be colorized by prismacolor pencil or by computer (Photoshop airbrush). The latter is FAR more popular for this style.
I have a standard "Couple" package of 2 full color, full bodies for $100 (that's $20 off!) Background color added if requested.
Group caricature contracts receive a discount from these rates, sometimes as much as 50%!

Click the following links for samples:



These are realistic illustrations, usually performed from photos also.
Prismacolor pencil is the standard medium for these.

It should be noted, however, that I consider myself a digital artist. Even though Portraits in particular are 90% rendered by hand, I still have need to scan the original to perform any color correction and details. The original IS provided, but I myself do not consider that the "Finished Piece". Another advantage of this is that I can put filters on the image to produce a more "painted" appearance (see "Full Color Couple" sample below). A print of the finished version with digital touch-ups can be provided in 8"x10" for no additional charge. Larger prints require a small fee or for the client to have the image printed themselves. A digital version is always provided as well via email or on CD.
I recommend to my clients to frame the digital printout and slip the actual original in the frame behind it (or store it in a scrapbook or file).

Call for painted portrait rates.

Pencil or Charcoal$50 ea.$70 ea.+$80
Full Color$80 ea.$110 ea.+$100

As you can see, backgrounds are a flat rate regardless of style or number of subjects in the portrait. Another occasional request is a border, such as a ribbon, calligraphy names, ivy, etc. This starts at approximately $30, also regardless of number of subjects in the portrait.
This rate may fluctuate depending on the complexity of the background or border.

I have a standard "Couple" package, 2 full color busts for $140 (That's $20 off!). No background (minimal color background added).
I'll give discounts on half-bodies (waist-up).
Full bodies are pretty much unheard of for these, but would be the same rate as the half-bodies, since the facial features would be smaller.
Rates do receive a discount for multiple subjects beyond two as well. This is usually because the faces are a little smaller & less detailed.

Click these links for some samples:


Fantasy Portaits:

"Fantasy Portraits", are a realistic portrait face, as above, but on a fantasy creature or in fantasy garb (such as faeries, angels, knights, gargoyles, vampires, etc., but also sports uniforms, movie posters & characters, and lots more!). You may notice these rates don't have a Head/Bust column, but start with the half-body (waist-up) pricing. One must have a little body to show the "fantasy" angle, such as wings, swords, fins, costume, etc.
These are my speciality!
Only Prismacolor Pencil is used for these (in coloring), otherwise, they are Character Portraits (see below).
As in "regular" Portraits, the original is provided, but it's not considered the "finished piece".

Rough Sketch$30 ea.$40 ea.+$30
Detailed Pencil or Charcoal$75 ea.$85 ea.+$80
Pen and Ink$75 ea.$85 ea.+$80
Full Color$80 ea.$100 ea.+$100

Nothing speaks better of these than the samples:


Character Portraits:

Also sometimes called "Hero Portraits", these are a "comic-book" style of portrait. The face will still strongly resemble the person (if one is used), it will just be a little exagerated, although not comically like a caricature, more in a "heroic" direction.
These are frequently used by role-playing gamers and writers to acheive a visual reference of their characters, though the faces are often still based on a real person and taken from photos. Sometimes this is just a preferred style, and many times clients want this clean, smooth style to use the portrait for a business mascot or graphic.
If you want a realistic portrait of someone from a photo as a superhero or knight, look at Fantasy Portraits (above) because these ARE STYLIZED and will look more like a comic-book.
These are almost never head-only as the costume, outfit, wings, weapons, etc., often need to be visible.

Rough Sketch$30 ea.$40 ea.+$35
Pen and Ink$50 ea.$60 ea.+$75
Full Color$60 ea.$65 ea.+$80

Minimal color background added if requested.
Computer color is mostly preferred for this style. Prismacolor or detailed pencil creates a more "fine art" look and leans the image more towards a Fantasy Portrait.

Here are some samples of the different styles:


Pet Portraits:

"Pet Portraits" don't need much explanation, but they're a great way to immortalize you furry loved ones, or to remember those you've lost.
These are done strictly from photos (so far), as it is difficult to get an animal to pose! Only Prismacolor Pencil is used for these (in coloring).
Although, animals can be rendered in the "comic-book" style of a Character Portrait (Here's a SAMPLE), or even in the fun, cartoony style of a Caricature! (Here's a SAMPLE). Use THOSE rates (above) for those styles.

Rough Sketch$35 ea.$45 ea.+$35
Detailed Pencil or Ink$60 ea.$80 ea.+$80
Full Color$80 ea.$100 ea.+$100

Here are a few samples:


Logos/Design Rates:

Logos can vary in complexity and therefore vary in price. All logos are sold with a standard copyright fee of $50. This gives the contractor sole rights to the image, allowing me only to display the image for samples purposes (in my portfolio and website). The most common rate for a standard logo is $200 (total).

Design and Layout services (including business cards, brochures, advertisements, invitations, etc.) are often included in logo contracts. These also vary in complexity and price.
Here are some common rates for design projects:

Jay French Studios - HOME

  • Business Card: $25
  • Print ad, small (1/4 page): $50
  • Print ad, large (full page): $75
  • Mailer/Flyer: $45-$60
  • Brochure (tri-fold): $75-$150
  • Letterhead/Invoice: $25
  • Book/CD/Album cover: $150-$300
  • Invitation/Greeting card: $75-$150 (not including original illustration)
  • Poster, large (i.e. 24" x 36"): $250-$500
  • Catalog/Directory/Program (20+ pages): $400-$1500

What's the Difference?:

...between illustration and design...
"Illustration" essentially means anything I have to physically draw. This includes paint (for murals), pencil, ink, and even digital illustration (which usually includes my digital tablet & pen anyway). "Graphic Design" is defined by a lack of illustration. These two things can go together (i.e. a brochure design with original illustrations), in which case the illustrations are charged at the seperate rate. Design often involves clip art, graphic contents (such as shapes, lines, boxes, etc.) and mostly making text look pretty!
I hope that helps clarify it!

How This Works:

I respond to emails & messages with 24 hours at least, usually within the hour. After clarifying the project & gathering any necessary sources (photos, info, etc.), I provide a rough draft. Depending on the complexity & deadline, usually within 1 to 3 days. With illustration, this would be a rough sketch that is scanned & emailed. With design projects a first draft is sent. Initial contact can sometimes require (such as murals) or simply desire a face-to-face meeting. Internet correspondence is NOT a requirement, it simply makes the rough draft/approval stage faster. Many projects are done solely over the internet as well.
Most projects use the standard procedure of half payment down, and half on completion. Some smaller projects merely pay upon completion.
This is where the client can really control the speed at which a project is completed. The faster I receive notifications of alterations or approvals, the faster I can move forward. I am most always able to send changes on the same day.
Once approved, final versions are usually ready within 1 to 3 days, depending again on complexity & urgency. Murals are a seperate issue here, usually takings days or weeks to complete. Delivery of final versions depends on the project. Most design projects and caricatures are emailed to be printed by the client or sent to a print shop. I charge no extra fees for communicating directly with printers. Portraits & finer art projects usually involve the original work, which is hand-delivered or picked up by local clients or shipped to out-of-town clients.
Same day urgency projects can usually be fulfilled, with additional fees. Copyright fees apply to certain projects, especially logos, and insure that the rights to the images belong solely to the client. I only retain the right to display the image for sample purposes. If a copyright fee is not charged or paid, then I retain the rights to the image, including the right to resell it. Copyright fees on logos also cover the cost of my time for initial sketches and perfecting of the image.

The most important thing for me is to have satisfied customers, and I am very dedicated to providing professional, friendly service!

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