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Some especially memorable projects I've undertaken deserve particular mention, these include:

  • Art Direction of "The Welcome Book" published by Adlanta, Inc., a tourist phone directory [Published January 2007 and March 2008].
    The Welcome Book
  • 100+ Detailed pencil illustrations of anthropomorphic animal-people for desktop role-playing game book titled "Shard: A Game in the World of Dardunah" [Published November 2009}.
  • 80+ 3 to 5 minute "how to draw" videos for eHow and Expert Village [2008].
    Jay French Studios YouTube Channel
  • Group color caricature of 39 staff members of Guaranty Group (of Guaranty Bank) for company Christmas cards [2007].
    Guaranty Christmas Card
  • Large cartoon calendar posters for client appreciation and marketing for CS2 Cad Specialty Supplies [2005 & 2006].
    CS2 Calendar/Poster
  • Wall mural of Victorian women in turn-of-the-century newspaper illustration style for Curves Fitness Center (2 locations by 1 owner) [2003 & 2004].
    Curves Victorian
  • Wall mural in Spanish Mission theme for another Curves Fitness Center [2004].
    Curves Spanish Mission
  • Multiple option logo design, software package design, software icon (button) design and production, letterhead and business cards for SIMPLer program of Retirement Compliance Software [1996].
  • 12x30 (approximate) acrylic mural of space scene for training program at Austin Semi-Conductor[1994].
  • Wall border mural of jungle vines and animals at Herpeton Exotic Pets (South & West locations) [1995 & 1999].
  • Hand lettering on mylar and some cartoon illustration and logo mimicry for American Visitor Maps as assistant to Kevin Middleton [1993].
  • Ink wash on rice paper of twin Chinese dragons for private client [1997].
    Twin Dragons
  • Substitute Cartooning Class instructor for Kevin Middleton at ACC [1994].
  • Guest instructor at several Austin elementary schools through O.Henry Museum [1991-1993].
  • Instructor at LBJ High School for 6-week "Comic-Book Creation" course through O.Henry Museum [1994].
  • STEEL RAIN: This is easily my most difficult accomplishment as an artist, writer and businessman to date. Not only did I create, write, pencil, ink, letter and apply the hand-cut dot screens in this 40-page graphic novel, but after painting the cover and designing the title logos, I set out to publish the work myself. This entailed marketing to distributors and advertisers, working up consignment agreements and proposals, advertising, and of course walk-in sales and telemarketing. The final stroke was to print the limited 500-copy publication myself and premiere at a book-signing/sneak-preview on February 28, 1998 at Dragon's Lair Comics. All in all, an inspiring accomplishment of seeing a complicated project like this all the way through. Steel Rain

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