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"Steel Rain" began it's formation in 1986. I started taking my natural art ability & my interest in comics to the level of making my own comic books at about the age of 11. The original book was "The Protectors", a classic sci-fi/superhero comic about teenagers, blah, blah, blah. These guys stuck around for about 6 years. My main guy (the one I based on me) was "Star Blast". If "Steel Rain" had really gotten off the ground and prompted more of my creations to be made into books, I'm pretty sure he would've been back. "Steel Rain" began as just "BlackStar & She-Wolf", and was only those 2 characters. I began work on the first rendition of the premiere issue that next year. By then, I'd also created "Switchblade" and "Odyssey". A year later came "Silverstorm" and "Blockade". I finished the book (in my spare time) within a year or two (I didn't write ANY of the dates on the book, so I'm not sure). This atrocity was soon buried, and I started over. Taking a break to work on a 40-page resume comic to send to all the major publishers (which went nowhere), then getting distracted with a co-writer on another project "The Psychic Wars", I found myself back with the old gang around 1991. I began what would be my first publication... seven years later.
There's still the chance that I may take this to an entirely different format: novels!