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Jay French & Golden Eagle Comics present, "Steel Rain", issue #1: "The Myriad"

The cover of "Steel Rain" #1

Synopsis: Chief of Police Marsha Rivers is about to meet a man who will change her life forever. His name is Special Agent Jim Smithers of the F.B.I. Super-Physical Education & Enforcement Division (S.P.E.E.D.), and he doesn't have a bouquet of flowers. What he does have is a list of 7 mutants who are interested in an "S.P." crime task force project, with her name written all over it. So, Marsha leaps headlong into what will become the world-renown organization known as... "Steel Rain".

They are: BlackStar: the struggling but passionate artist whose body is a living electrical generator; She-Wolf: BlackStar's beautfiul and ferocious wife with a body that's been spliced with a wolf's DNA, endowing her with superhuman strength, speed and senses; Switchblade: the night-vamp street punk with a range of electromagnetic eye-beams and a sarcastic streak a mile long; Blockade: a street-wise athlete whose steel-hard physique allows great feats of strength, but carries a great weight of responsiblity; Silverstorm: Jim Smithers' serious-minded and intellectual daughter capable of reforming ferrous metal at will, and the only registered mutant capable of flight; Monarch: Silverstorm's angst and rebellious sister who is a high-scale telekinetic; and Odyssey: the spiritual and mysterious psychic and empath who specializes in psychokinetic healing.


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As the cast comes together to investigate and take down an elusive cult called "The Night Church", they discover the dangerous road they are about to travel. Allegiances change, secrets are revealed and the death toll rises as Steel Rain gets closer to the heart of the Night Church and the chaos, in a man know as "The Father". Not all of them will survive this baptism of fire, and none will ever be the same, but you will never forget how it all began...

"Welcome to the Real World!"



-From the September 18, 2000 issue of the Austin Chronicle

"...this mutants-on-the-loose offering from local Jay French and his Golden Eagle Comics is above-average stuff that works better than you'd think if given half a chance. Think Mid-Eighties X-Men dosed with a little yellow pill from the New Mutants stable and you'll have a vague idea of French's writing style. ...French has a way with dialogue and action panels that echoes after the book is set down. ...I'm eagerly awaiting ish number two to see what the hell happens next"!

-Marc Savlov