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Copyright 1995-2002 Jay French & Golden Eagle Comics - Austin, Texas


REAL NAME: Morgan Jacob Cole
ALIASES: Morgan Jacob Devereaux (birth name); Graffiti (High School nickname); Sparky (STEEL RAIN nickname).
AGE: 29
HEIGHT: 6'1"
WEIGHT: 198 lbs.
NATIONALITY/RACE: Caucasian American (Cajun French/French/German/Cherokee/African)
HAIR COLOR: Dark Brown
P.O.B.: Franklin, LA U.S.A.
EDUCATION: High School Graduate. No College credits.
OCCUPATION: Freelance Commercial Artist / Part-time on-call F.B.I. Field Captain for S.P.E.E.D. task force: STEEL RAIN (classified).
KNOWN RELATIVES: Diana & Robert Cole (mother & step-father); Lawrence Devereaux (father); Jeannine Grant (sister); Caitlin Cole (spouse); Belinda, Kirsten & Amber Cole (daughters); Taryn Barton-Nielson (ex-spouse).

ORIGIN OF ABILITIES: Morgan was born with a dormant mutant gene which traumatically restructured his physiology by means of an extreme neurological seizure as his consciousness uncontrollably gained access to his entire brain capacity. As the seizure passed and he regained control, Morgan sub-consciously produced the rearrangement of his body. Morgan tells another version of this occurence, however, claiming that he was psychically attacked by an ethereal "demon", which launched his dormant mutant gene. He claims to have fought-off the demon on some spiritual/psychic level, then as he returned to consciousness, he rearranged his body in order to further defend himself against the supernatural creature.

ABNORMAL BIOLOGY/ABILITIES: BlackStar's body is a living electrical generator. Every unused portion of his brain is occupied with expounding the natural function of producing electricity, effectively making the organ a giant chemical battery. At normal levels, BlackStar's brain pumps an average of 500,000 volts throughout his body. With adrenalin rush, these levels jump to the millions. BlackStar's entire body makeup is now "designed" to withstand this kind of electrical current, from the oversized organs of his cardiovascular systems, to the densely packed atomic structure of his muscular and nervous systems. This endows BlackStar with a range of abilities which break down into 3 major effects as follows: 1- BlackStar can emit electrical arcs through the air, striking targets with paralyzing or even deadly voltage up to 60 feet away. These arcs are capable of striking through a brick wall or killing a person within seconds. Operating much like a lightning bolt, BlackStar telekinetically collects the electrons of his target to a strike point, while simultaneously directing the protons of his own molecular structure to an emission point (usually a hand). Upon buildup, the protons "flash" to the electrons, creating an arc. This all takes place within a matter of seconds, and because of it's system, BlackStar's target is already acquired before he even begins to lift his hand, making it nearly impossible to dodge the arcs entirely, even for the super-physical. On the other hand, BlackStar's arcs will automatically strike, to a lesser degree, almost every other conductive object within the blast range.
2- BlackStar can effectively "teleport" by electrifying a physical form and creating trillions of magnetic "blueprints" within the current. This current then scatters, travelling by paths of least resistance, to a pre-determined destination (using the same "static" targeting system that his arcs do), where it reforms to matter. This is commonly referred to as "matter-energy-matter conversion", and can travel through most structures with even the slightest porrous nature. BlackStar is capable of teleporting himself an average maximum of 100 feet. He can also teleport additional matter, including people, either along with him (up to 600 pounds, such as 3 or 4 people), without accompanying it (up to 400 pounds), or by striking a target with a low-power arc (up to 250 pounds). The distance of teleportation is shortened by each level, as well as by the mass. BlackStar is also capable of using this ability defensively, creating fields of matter conversion around his person which simply convert matter upon contact until they exit the field (this is his primary means of defense from gunfire).
3- BlackStar's third primary effect is more of an after-effect. Because his body has been structured to produce and carry high amounts of electricity, BlackStar is much stronger, faster and resilient than human. His strength is sufficient to dead lift over 1,000 pounds, enabling him to strike with the force of a jackhammer. BlackStar's reflexes are approximately four times faster than the average trained combatant, mostly because of the extremely high voltage in his nervous system, carrying mental messages that much faster. Another factor in his combat speed is the sub-conscious use of his matter/energy/matter conversion ability, blinking in and out of forms in split seconds. BlackStar's body is also much denser than the average human's, sufficient in tensile strength to stop lower caliber bullets after only imbedding into his skin. As a final point, there is an incidental, though crucial ability which affects all the major abilities. BlackStar is able to absorb external power sources and augment his own abilities with them. This multiplies the span of his abilities by an average of four. When augmented BlackStar can: Fire arcs up to 180 feet or with enough force to breach a small vault door; Teleport himself a maximum distance of 400 feet; Teleport up to 1500 additional pounds; Dead lift up to 2 tons, and; Strike with the force of a hand grenade. BlackStar's speed and reflexes are only doubled, although his body resilience is amplified in such a way as to warrant titling this an additional power. So much electricity is coursing through his body, when augmented, that BlackStar can actually produce an electric "force field", capable of withstanding most standard caliber gunfire. BlackStar can maintain this extra power for about 10 minutes before it begins to drain away. He is depleted to normal levels after a total of about 30 minutes, though the stored power will go faster as used. BlackStar can temporarily drain his regular power levels as well after a great deal of use, but they tend to restore themselves within minutes (an hour at the most). BlackStar's teleportation does not seem to deplete his regular power sources, and are limited only by range and the amount of times he can repeatedly hold his breath.