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Copyright 1995-2002 Jay French & Golden Eagle Comics - Austin, Texas


REAL NAME: Caitlin Diana Cole
ALIASES: Caitlin Diana James (maiden name); Amber (college nickname)
AGE: 27
HEIGHT: 5' 9"
WEIGHT: 211 lbs. (This is due to her unnaturally dense musculature, if human, she would weight approximately 155 lbs.)
GENDER: Female
NATIONALITY/RACE: Caucasian American (Scotch-Irish/German/Finnish/Polish)
HAIR COLOR: Light Auburn
EYE COLOR: Hazel (gold)
P.O.B.: Austin, TX U.S.A.
EDUCATION: High School Graduate. Associates Degree in Surgical Technology.
OCCUPATION: Surgical Nurse (Labor & Delivery) / Part-time on-call F.B.I. Field Agent for S.P.E.E.D. task force: STEEL RAIN (classified).
KNOWN RELATIVES: Barbara Burleson (mother); Warren James (father); Darby & Keith James (brothers); Morgan Cole (spouse); Belinda & Kirsten Cole (step-daughters); Amber Cole (daughter).

ORIGIN OF ABILITIES: Caitlin was born with a mutant gene which accelerated her natural healing processes. This also caused all of her biological systems to maintain a very high standard. Other than appearing to be in top health, this was undetectable as a mutant trait until her hiking accident. Shortly after her husband Morgan (BlackStar) experienced his traumatic mutant rebirth, the couple took a vacation to Colorado. Here, while under the guise of visiting Morgan's parents, they were able to emotionally and physically recuperate from this dramatic change in their lives. They also took the opportunity to take some mountain hiking trips in order to privately test some of Morgan's new abilities. While testing his teleportation ability, Caitlin noticed (with her extremely keen vision) a mother wolf and cubs lying in a mountain nook some distance away. The two decided to test Morgan's speed by teleporting directly next to the animals, then teleporting away as soon as there was any sign of danger. The unexpected factor occurred when the couple began to reform to matter, and the mother wolf attacked. Entering Morgan's field of matter-conversion, the wolf's mass was instantly converted to energy. Unaware of the third entity's presence, Morgan reformed only 2 forms. Had the second person been anyone other than Caitlin, the wolf's matter would have merely scattered, but because of Caitlin's active mutant gene, the wolf's energy-coded genetic structure was absorbed by her. Caitlin was immediately thrust into a coma that lasted 2 weeks. Morgan whisked her straight to the S.P.E.E.D. researchers whom he had recently dealt with. As they began to understand what was happening to Caitlin, her body was restructuring to include elements from the new DNA. After fully recuperating, Caitlin and Morgan took another trip to Colorado.

ABNORMAL BIOLOGY/ABILITIES: She-Wolf's active mutant gene has made the most out of combining and multiplying the best of both sets of DNA. For the most part, this entailed nearly doubling the density of her entire physique. She-Wolf's bones, muscles, ligaments, tendons, nerves, skin and organs are almost twice as densely structured on a cellular level. The only change in her physical appearance, however, was an added 1.4 inches in height and a reflective quality to her eyes.
The most obvious effect of this is in her physical prowess. She-Wolf is strong enough to dead lift over 1.5 tons, or bench press over 1,800 pounds. This enables her to strike with the force of a 30 caliber bullet, long jump from standing over 45 feet horizontally or 20 feet vertically, and run at speeds of over 30 M.P.H. She-Wolf's physique can also sustain much more damage than that of a normal human's. She-Wolf's reflexes are also enhanced, to the point where she can catch an object falling from a table, upright, from over 10 feet away (an estimated 4 to 5 times faster than a trained fighter or soldier). She-Wolf's strength and reflexes affect her general agility, enabling her to perform complex gymnastic maneuvers with little effort and almost no practice.
She-Wolf's next major mutant affect is in her physical senses, all of which have been pushed to their optimum level. She-Wolf's vision is well beyond optimum human range, enabling her to see in focus almost 3 times the distance of perfect human vision, as well as adjusting much quicker and attaining more clarity in near-total darkness. She-Wolf is able to hear much lower into the decibel range than human, as well as much farther on either end of the octave ranges. Although her pain threshold is much deeper, related to her healing factor (see below), her tactile senses are much more sensitive, enabling her to detect a 1 or 2 degree temperature change, or even the preceding winds of a silent approach. The most prominent enhancement of She-Wolf's senses is in her sense of smell, enabling her to identify familiar animal or human scents even days after absence, or follow scent trails for miles. She-Wolf has been tested in varying obstacle/combat courses as equally precise without her sight as with.
At the base of her mutant abilities is She-Wolf's healing factor, which was accelerated even further by her gene-splicing. She-Wolf is now able to heal many hundreds, and sometimes thousands, of times faster than an average human. Although there is some debate amongst top S.P.E.E.D. experts, most feel this is more of a case of her body maintaining it's optimum state than actual "healing". Therefore, She-Wolf's body is capable of regrowing severed limbs, repairing critically damaged arteries, organs and bones, and even ignoring most any foreign chemical, viral or bacterial invasion. She-Wolf is essentially able to survive most any damage that isn't instantly fatal.
The strangest effect She-Wolf gained from her mutant ability and her genetic infusion was her shape-shifting. By concentrating, she is able to somehow (subconsciously) loosen the bonds of her cellular structure and reform into that of the wolf (incorporating all of the same components and mass she began with). She-Wolf is not capable of changing into any other shape, as her mind feels this is the only other natural form her body "knows". In fact, the wolf's consciousness was thrust into She-Wolf's own subconscious, giving her a rather feral tendency. In her wolf form, She-Wolf is much stronger than a normal wolf, although she loses some of her strength by means of lifting or striking, her jaws are sufficient to deform a 1" thick steel plate, and her running speed exceeds 60 M.P.H. She-Wolf can partially shift, gaining claws or pronounced canines, both of which are much stronger than human or animal. As side effects, She-Wolf cannot become inebriated or affected by alcohol or chemicals, including anesthesias or medications. She-Wolf is also unable to change her hair style, as her full (approximately 30") hair length will regrow within 8 to 10 hours of a 1 inch long cut (as this is the state her hair was in at the time of her splicing).